Open and Affirming

Our Church's historic claim that God has given everyone dignity and worth is the reason that I am in the United Church of Christ. Throughout the generations, our church has joined the struggle for full inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender or disability. We trust that this "Covenant of Inclusion" will lead us more fully into the ministry of God's extravagant welcome and grace for all people. Our covenant seeks to truly extend God's grace to "all" people including our LGBTQ members, family and friends.  

Trinity UCC "Covenant of Inclusion"

Embracing and celebrating the face of God in all people, Trinity United Church of Christ strives to welcome everyone without exception or exclusion into all aspects of the life of our church. Following the example of Jesus, we welcome people of any age, economic status, ethnicity, family structure, gender, gender identity or expression, marriage status, mental or physical ability, race, sexual orientation, theological or political tradition. Whoever you are, you are worthy and welcome at Trinity.

We are proud of our Trinity members who have been ordained into ministry. Rev. Nancy Lueschen was called as a chaplain at the Veterans Administration in Cleveland. Nancy spoke about her role in the open and affirming process at Trinity and how important it is to offer an extravagant welcome to all people.

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